Trail Maintenance Day One

This was the first Trail Dames "Give Back" volunteer work day. Brenda Bryson, Traci Bango, and I met up with Cynthia Taylor (Natural Resource Manager) to do trail maintenance at Elachee Nature Science Center (Chicopee Lake location). We joined up with James Hocutt, Robert Kriner, Suzanne Morgan and Ryan Morgan from Boy Scout Troop 576, Katrina Clay and long time Elachee volunteers Rick Taylor, Joe Meadows and Lane Hurst. From the Chicopee Lake parking lot we headed off to the left along the East/West Lake Trail following along the ridge above the lake and into the woods for about half a mile.


We then diverted off trail to the area that we would be working. The chore for the day was to blaze a new trail. The object was to rake off the loose vegetation and then to the best of our abilities, dig down to make a fairly flat area that will then be used to walk on as the trail.
I mentioned a gentleman earlier; Lane Hurst. He's a volunteer who has worked with Elachee many times. He was nominated for Cox Conserves Heroes. Cox Conserves Heroes is an awards program created by Cox Enterprises and the Trust for Public Land that honors Heroes among us who work to create, preserve, improve or enhance the shared outdoor places in our communities. The program takes place in multiple Cox locations across the nation. Lane Hurst is one of four finalists for the award. Mr. Hurst was being filmed on Saturday by a Channel 2 camera man. At some point coming up soon there will be a chance for the public to vote for their choice to win the award. I personally am in hopes that the footage will be viewable for the voting process because the Channel 2 camera man did film us while we worked on the trail. In any event, I'd like to give a congratulatory shout out to Mr. Hurst becoming one of the four finalists and my best wishes that he wins.
It was a fun-filled productive day. One in which I hope other Trail Dames members will have an opportunity to participate in the future.